About us

Whether you are a Business Owner, Small and Medium-sized Enterprise, Graphic Designer, Entrepreneur, Agency, Project Manager or just an individual looking for something professional to impress your Audience/Clients/Customers/users, etc. Fleek Templates provide you with all the awesome templates, you’ve always been looking for.

The best part? All templates were natively designed in Microsoft Office and are 100% editable in Microsoft Word/PowerPoint. You don’t need to buy or learn any expensive design software such as InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, corelDRAW etc. in order to customize the templates. All you need is Microsoft word/PowerPoint. No design skill is needed. Simply drag and drop images, shapes, text boxes etc wherever and however you want. Changing the entire color/font of a template is just a matter of few clicks.

With our amazing templates, we aspire to assist you in your journey to success and empower people around the world to reach their full potentials. Here are the benefits of using our templates;

Each template is carefully designed to meet the diverse needs of all individuals, both large and small organizations. Business templates need to be professional, but also creative, and each template from our website will meet those expectations. Start creating today with these attractive design templates!

Why us?

Microsoft Formats

All templates are designed from scratch and are fully editable in Microsoft Word & PowerPoint. The tools you're already familiar with.

Print & Digital Ready

Save as PDF and share digitally via Email, WhatsApp, Facebook etc Or print directly from your office/home printer

Highly Customizable

No design skill is needed. Drag and drop objects wherever & however you want. Changing the entire color/font is just a click away.

Build by Professionals

High-Quality, Beautiful-looking Templates. Design with careful attention to details. Tailored for Business and Personal Use